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In this site, you’ll find resources about all sort of things related to Spanish: vocabulary, exercises, grammar explanations, texts, etc. With all of them you’ll be able to start your learning path .

I strongly believe that each person has an specific way of learning. This is the main reason why I’m sharing here the materials that I’ve been designing through all of my career as a teacher; in case you’re a «free-bird» type of learner I want you to have the proper things to achieve your goals.

Moreover, if you’re now studying with a private tutor, in an academy or in your studies centre, you can also use the website as a booster to speed up your development as a Spanish-speaker.

Tu sum up, I want to remind you that I am currently offering the possibility of taking personalice online lessons, adapted to your learning needs and, of course, your time needs. I’m offering, also, a new modality of lessons: occasional mentorships for strengthening your free-learning (resolution of doubts, scheduling and tips).

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The Present Conditional in Spanish

As we have said before, verbal tenses names are kind of confusing. For example, the Present Conditional is not always used to talk about conditions. Let’s take a look at other Present Conditional uses.

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Using the Conditional in Spanish III

In this post, we are going to top off conditional sentences. As we said, with these sentences, we can express different meanings depending on the verbal tenses. That is why we have three different kinds of conditionals.

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Using the Conditional in Spanish II

As we said in a previous post, conditional sentences express different meanings. That depends on the verbal tenses we are using for building them. And that is why we have three different conditional sentences types.

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Using the Conditional in Spanish I

Conditional sentences are a kind of subordinate sentences. As we can deduct, they allow us to express conditions. Depending on the verbal tenses we are using, we can articulate different meanings.

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Six (useless) reasons to study Spanish

Maybe one of this so many New Year’s Resolutions is learning or improving a language. And maybe your motivation is finding a job, learning it as fast as possible, marking a milestone. But sometimes this doesn’t work.

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How to Learn Spanish by Myself

Everyone who has studied a foreign language has had to deal with not having enough money, enough time or both. Just then, we start to think about the possibility of studying by ourselves, but sometimes things go wrong and we…

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